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Moldova bans Russian propaganda

PR dla Zagranicy
Paweł Kononczuk 11.01.2018 14:23
The Moldovan parliamentary Speaker has signed a law that bans broadcasts of Russian television programmes on news and politics in Moldova.

The measure, colloquially known as the "media propaganda" law, bans Moldovan media from rebroadcasting programmes originating from countries that have not ratified a convention on transfrontier television.

In practice, that means that programmes produced in the United States and in European Union countries can be broadcast but those from Russia cannot, since Moscow has not ratified the convention.

The Speaker of Moldova's parliament, Andrian Candu, signed the "media propaganda" law on Wednesday, along with legislation appointing seven new government ministers.

Last week Moldova's constitutional court decided that in order to adopt the media law and appoint seven new ministers, the parliamentary Speaker or the prime minister could temporarily step in for the president.

The legislation was passed by pro-Western lawmakers in parliament.

Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon has twice rejected the media law and ministerial nominees backed by parliament. Under Moldovan law, the president cannot again reject a bill passed twice by parliament, the constitutional court said.


Source: Polish Radio//PAP

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